Top Five Sex Positions that satisfy your needs in an amazing way 

Putting it in plainly might be satisfying but having different positions occasionally makes it a different and much more pleasurable experience. A person does not require a sex expert to have better and pleasing sex. It all comes done to what you are willing to do to satisfy each other’s needs with mutual consent. 



The top sex positions that please both the partners extraordinarily are as follow

The classical Sex Position: Missionary

Lie on your back with a cushion or two under your lower back. This raises your pelvis to make addition somewhat simpler. During sex, using lubrication with this position makes it more pleasing. 


On the off chance that you need to attempt this position with your intimate partner, the primary thing you need to do is discuss with them. This position is very amazing and a bit rough, so both of you should be ready. 


From the back

This is a position where surrendering some control can truly help you. Your accomplice has practically full oversight of the entrance, taking from you the capacity to push rapidly. This position allows the woman to reach her orgasm in the most amazing way she can feel.


Spooning- A common but amazing position

If morning sex is what you are looking for, then this position is considered a morning treat. All you have to do is spoon-feed your partner and get down to work. The two accomplices start by lying on their side.


Pleasurable sex with legs over shoulders!

Crystal clear from what the title says, the legs of the woman will be on top of the man’s shoulders which gives a different pleasure to both the partners. To make things much spicier, use a sex toy such as a vibrator. 


Cowgirl- Having the pleasure of your life

This position is one of the best-known positions that have been used by couples in their sex life. The man lies below on his back on any surface and inserts his penis into the woman who confronts him from above. In this type of position, the female partner needs to handle the speed and penetration as it not only excites the G-spot of the vagina but also makes her reach orgasm by being purely satisfied.

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