Top Sex Positions to Drive a Woman Wild | Give Her Orgasms

Do you want to enjoy the incredible awesomeness that is g-spot orgasm?

Where is it found?

It’s about 6 centimeters deep in your vagina’s wall. You need to treat it right by giving it the firm pressure it likes best. 

Grab Your Partner And Try These Six Positions To Prove That The G-spot Is A Thing

1. The Doggystyle 

Chances are you already love this one but did you know it’s much that spot favorite position? Proper and deep thrusting will hit it just right. 

2. Legs up

When you flex into this position, you’ll get it really deep when you put your legs over his shoulder. You will feel a bit stiff wrap. Your legs around his face or leave one flat on the bed.

3. Girl On top 

Get on top and take control. Your g-spot enjoys being rubbed when the penis is pushing towards his body or when you lean back.  Penis bending is a thing, so don’t hurt the guy.


Your g-spot likes to cuddle too. When your G-spot feels a little sensitive and snugly, get closer to your partner and take it real slow while finding the angle that’s just right. 

5. X marks the spot 

For this, lay down the surface as tall as his hips. Lift each of your legs into an X and balance your ankles on his shoulder. Now do your thing and let him find your buried treasure.

6. Modified Doggy Style 

Start in the doggy style and lie flat on your stomach. While he follows you all the way down to the bed, he can rest on his forearms or rise a bit on his knees. You can mix it up.


 The world is your oyster, and the g-spot is the pearl. Now go get it girl.

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